The wellness and the magic of Yoga on the Beach during Sunrise

A Yoga Session to recharge your batteries

Yoga Holidays 2023

Practicing yoga on the beach is a unique experience that can give you a sense of calm and deep serenity.

One of the best things of practicing Yoga by the sea is to have a soft surface as a support that allows you to practice inverted positions such as that of the "bridge or Chakrasana".

Rimini Beach Yoga

Practicing yoga on the beach is ideal for enjoying the health effects of this discipline.

Practicing yoga on the beach in Rimini is very beneficial: in addition to contact with nature, the sand helps the body to assume the positions in a more natural way.

By the sea you will not need the classic yoga mat, but a towel will suffice: you can also perform the standing exercises directly with your feet on the sand, so as to feel the beneficial direct contact.

The sand turns out to be truly a panacea, especially for those suffering from back pain or for those with joint problems, as the muscles do not go under strain and allows more freedom of movement.

It will also help you regain balance, fight insomnia, as well as firm up your buttocks and abdomen.