A fine dining experience with the best seasonal ingredients

Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine in a refined atmosphere

Here … at the Liverpool Hotel Rimini All Inclusive … we believe that
a fantastic holidays in Rimini are such when they are enjoyed with excellent food that satisfies every sense; we like to share with our guests the traditional and universally appreciated flavors of the Romagna lands.

To delight the palate of our guests, Chef Roberto offers a refined cuisine filled of Romagna and Italian’s specialties; healthy and natural ingredients and all the best of local products.

Using only the freshest seasonal & regional Italian ingredients, the menu is uniquely inviting and delicious, with dishes including fish Crudi (raw), freshly made pasta and risotto alongside delicately prepared fish and heartier meat dishes.

Awake your senses with the flavors and tastes of delicious Italian cuisine

Our Panoramic Restaurant

..and..for all the lovers of fish…
Sometimes … during the summer at 8.20 p.m. instead of the dinner in the central Restaurant, it will be possible for our guests to have dinner in our nice Restaurant of The Fisher n the 4th floor of the hotel

Here you will be able to savor the taste of the fish just fished of the Adriatic See.