Gastronomic Tour in Rimini City Center

A magical evening to taste the delicious of Romagna products

A Romantic Experience for Couples

1 Dinner in 4 Restaurants

A tasty experience to be lived in Rimini City Center through a Gastronomic Dinner (in a single evening - in 4 ToP Restaurants), tasting the delicacies of Romagna.

The Gastronomic Tour combines Rimini’s 100% locally-owned, totally-awesome restaurants with Rimini’s picturesque points and riveting history.

From savoury to sweet, this is an all-inclusive, progressive meal at 4 of Rimini’s best restaurants, complete with Rimini award-winning wines!

To connect with the food, history and people that make Rimini great, a Rimini Foodie Tour can’t be beat!

A magical experience:
One Dinner - One Night - 4 Restaurants

What is a "Gastronomic Tour".?.

The Gastronomic Tour is an Unique Experience:
You can enjoy a Refined 4-course Menu in 4 different Restaurant (the Appetizer in a Restaurant, Pasta in another Restaurant, Fried Fish in another Restaurant and the Dessert in the last restaurant).

You will live and discover Rimini City Center, walking between one historic monument and another, through a culinary journey in stages, (in the best 4 fish restaurants in the historic center).!.

Find Our our Gastronomic Tour

Our Tour starts from Piazza Cavour, with a walk in the Vecchia Pescheria (among pubs and shops); then, you will go on to Corso d'Augusto, and you will enjoy your Appetizer in "Due Come Noi Restaurant", where you will find Michele to welcome you for a tasty "appetizer of sea".

You will go on with the Gastronomic Tour, crossing the thousand-year-old Tiberius Bridge, and arriving to "Retroborgo Restaurant" where Ivo will make you taste an excellent "Spaghetti Carbonara di Mare".

The restaurant is located inside the Borgo San Giuliano (a historical place, famous for its murals dedicated to the director Federico Fellini).
The Tour continues at "La Marianna Restaurant", where Enrica will make you taste a truly delicious Fried Fish (Squid and Prawns).

The Gastronomic tour will end at "Ingrata Restaurant" where you will be able to enjoy a fantastic dessert.