A funny cooking class in Rimini

Tips and Tricks to take home with you! Have fun in our Romagna cooking course for adults and children

A unique "experience" in a wonderful winery
"Collina dei Poeti"

Cooking Class
for Adults

Are you a lover of Italian food and you have the will to conjure up that holiday feeling on the table at home too? Do you want to take one or two secrets of Italian kitchen home with you? Then you should be very interested in a Italian cooking class. Simple but tasty dishes and their recipes that have been passed down for generations by traditional home cooks.

The duration of the courses (Tagliatelle / Ravioli Pasta and / or Piadina) are between 2 and 3 hours.
Each cooking class ends with a leisurely tasting of what you have prepared, accompanied by the excellent wine from the local winery, in the midst of an idyllic landscape.

Food Experience: “Tagliatelle, Piadina and Cassoni”

Cooking Class for Children

Cooking can be a great experience
(for young and old)
In the creative children's kitchen, the kitchen is transformed into a playground for little master chefs.
During an entertaining afternoon, the young chefs will figure out, how to create something delicious with their own little hands.

After each cooking course, the specially prepared delicacies are eaten together

Cooking Class with Chefs of the Romagna (Azdore)

Put your hands into the flour and get into the Romagna food culture! Be guided step by step by the friendly Azdora and prepare your own fresh pasta.

Once you have learned it on vacation and with plenty of tricks and secrets of Italian cuisine, you can amaze your guests at home.

But that's not all! Have you ever heard of the well-known "Piadina", the food that even gods can not resist? Do not miss the preparation of this traditional Romagna dish! An old art that is still used today and loved by everybody that have ever tried .
In a warm, idyllic atmosphere you can then enjoy your self-made specialties together, accompanied by the excellent wine of the winery