Sea Boat fishing Trips and Excursions in Rimini

A Wonderful Fishing Adventure Experience

Enjoy a real experience of sport fishing

Imagine to leave the beaches, and spend a wonderful day on board of a fishing boat, and live a wonderful fishing experience in the Adriatic Sea with an expert fisherman that will bring you in the best places to fish.

An unforgettable experience for amateurs and true "sea wolves" to live during a holiday in Rimini.

The Adriatic Sea is recognized as one of the best hot-spots in Italy to catch the best tuna

Fishing in Rimini

Enjoy a day at leisure sailing the blue water of the Adriatic Sea. You will learn some fishing techniques, relax on board and eat fresh fish from the sea to the table !!!

You will live an unforgettable adventure with a dedicated boat and a top-notch equipment combined with a consummate experience of thirty years in all the seas of the world.

You'll try the drift fishing looking for Tuna, mackerels and pelagic fishes off Adriatic Sea.!.

and ... there will be the chance to see the dolphins jumping on the water around the boat and to take a break with a refreshing bath.

Fishing Adventure: Enjoy a Fantastic Experience

Our Experience includes a Boat Trip with departure (early in the morning) from the Rimini Darsena (boat that can accommodate up to 6 fishermen).

The Captain of the Boat will provide you with all the equipment you need for a wonderful Fishing Day.

You will be able to catch: Mackerel (boghe and horse mackerel), blue fish with greenish streaks up to 35 cm long and capable of reaching half a kilo in weight.

Another type of fishing (a little bit more expensive) is "Tuna Fishing", from the smallest up to the precious Adriatic bluefin tuna that can reach 300 kg.
This fishing is practiced 20 miles from the coast, from May to October.

Tuna fishing and mackerel fishing are exciting, within reach of professionals but also beginners.