Wonderful Holidays on the Beach in Rimini

Water sports, wellness, entertainment and lots of relaxation on the beach in Rimini.

Beach 119-120 "RIVAZZURRA DI RIMINIโ€‹"

What a Wonderful Beach

โœ“ Sandy (without stones or gravel – only finest sand)
โœ“ Clean (15 km of Beach; the Managers of the Bathing Establishments are giving a lot of attention, to keep clean all the beach)
โœ“ Supervised (day and night – by trained professionals)
โœ“ Animated by professional entertainers who will entertain young and old, if they want to be…

Beach 119-120 is waiting for you in Rivazzurra di Rimini with:

โœ“ 1 umbrella and 2 sunbeds (with plenty of space between 1 umbrella and the other to ensure the maximum of privacy)
โœ“ 5 hours of entertainment on the beach (from Monday to Saturday) – Kids Club
โœ“ Free use of the beach cabins, changing room for little children, toiletts, shower, storage room to leave the children’s beach toys or beach matrasses.
โœ“ Beach Volleyball Court
โœ“ Beach Tennis Court
โœ“ Boccia Court
โœ“ Ping Pong Table
โœ“ Play Area with 2 huge inflatable castles

โœ“ Sympatical and helpful Lifeguard and his Staff

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Watch the Giuggiolons miniseries …
A miniseries made up of many small videos … in which you will know … Andrea … The most funny Lifeguard and beachmanager of Rimini …
We are waiting for you at the Golden Beach Rivazzurra – Rimini Beach 119-120 in Rivazzurra di Rimini

Beach Holidays in Rimini

The most frequently asked questions about the beach in Rimini

Find out live what’s happening on the beach in Rimini. Our webcam is live 24 hours a day and keeps you updated on the weather in Rimini on the beach.

The cost of the umbrella and sun beds on the beach varies

1) from beach section to beach section
2) from period to period
a n d
3) from area to area (within the same beach)

On the beach, in fact, the prices for renting an umbrella and sun loungers are higher near the sea and cheaper in the “central band”.

Normally, the hotels (including ours) are offering all-inclusive packages that are including the rental of the sunbeds in the beach area that goes from the lifeguard’s cabin to the 6th row near the sea.

The first sector of the beach (consisting of the first 5 rows next to the sea) has a supplement cost that varies from month to month.

Beach prices are including:
– daily rental of umbrella and sunbed
– use of the , toilett,cabins as a changing room, baby changin room
– use of hot and cold showers
– use of the playground
– use of the mattress / games deposit
– rescue and first aid service

The prices (of the 2nd sector) [in the case of all-inclusive packages] can vary from a minimum of 8 euros per day (4 euros per person) in the months of May and June, to 15 euros per day in the months of July and August

The cost of an additional sunbed is 4 euros.

If you will not take book an all-inclusive package in the hotel, it is possible that the price for the beach may be higher.

There are special rates for those, that are staying more than 10 nights.

In Rimini there are some areas used as a free beach.

The free beaches without any services and are suitable for young people or families that want to spend only a few hours at the beach with children, without the need to rent umbrellas and sunbeds.

Near our hotel the free beaches are:

– Rivazzurra: between beach section number 106 and 108

The umbrella and the sunbeds on the beach can be booked directly
through the hotel or by contacting directly the lifeguard.

The last 2 seasons, because of the health situation , the distance between one umbrella and the other has been increased (to ensure more privacy and distance to other guests).

Of course this has led to a lower availability of umbrellas on the beach (especially during the high season: August and the weekends in July)

The advice is therefore to make a reservation on the beach more in advance, than in previous years, to minimice the risk of not finding availability at the time of your stay in Rimini.

Thanks to the bathing ordinance of Emilia Romagna, dogs are allowed to access the beach and keep their owners company under the umbrella; this access is only possible on authorized beaches, like ours.

In order to access the beach it is necessary to register your dog at the Lifeguard’s cabin (following the presentation of the vaccination book).

Our hotel is a hotel with a dogfriendly beach in Rimini; in fact, our partner bathing establishment has made a specific area available for dog owners to relax on the beach all together.